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NZD/USD: 7543/7785

AUD/USD: 9960/1.0188

NZD/AUD: 7528/7673


Last week

With the troubled Egypt abating a little the markets settled down to a state of what might be called normality. The data here at home continues to be weak, especially in housing where the average Kiwi has decided not to continue their love affair with property.

Continued good data or should I say, normal data, has started to see yields increasing over there as the market has starting looking at the Big buck as a safe haven once again.

Across the ditch monetary policy looks set to continue as it is.

This week

A heavy data week coming along this week with loads out off shore. Without any new flare ups like Egypt etc we should see the market react to more fundamentals than we have seen of late.

We think that the USD will continue to rally from here as it finally looks to have established a base.

This should see Kiwi/AUD and Euro top out and start to decline slowly.

Fund news

We have received one sign off and await the balance so expect to have this completely soon


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